Premarital Counselling

If you are planning to marry and want to invest in the stability of your relationship you need to know what the common marriage problems are. We provide premarital counselling that helps young couples and newlyweds to have an informed start on their marriage. We know what the common marriage problems are! We are trained to help you overcome these natural hurdles that everyone struggles with. Act now in order to avoid asking later “How to fix a marriage?” We hear that question way too often as well as marriage problems after baby, marriage problems after second baby, marriage problems 20 years later, marriage problems 30 years later…

Premarital counselling is not therapy; it is education. The counselor listens to your specific situation, answers any questions that you have at this stage and addresses all your concerns related to:

  • Your expectations of a functional marriage

  • Your personalities

  • Your compatibility

  • Your ways of dealing with conflict

  • Your views of intimacy and sexuality

  • Any other concerns you might have

Premarital Counseling

Successful marriage requires preparation. Investing in your relationship earlier will save you agitation and money in the future.

If premarital counselling is not affordable, you can attend workshops or premarital classes, or at least read a book on the topic. The point is that you need some sort of premarital education in order not to become a divorce statistic. Getting married without any education is similar to becoming a parent without reading any books on parenting.

Marriage and family therapists specialize in training couples the skills necessary to withstand common marriage problems and to make the best of the happier times. We provide premarital counselling that addresses the needs of both genders.

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We assess your relationship at the beginning and at the end of the process in order to have a treatment plan and see real progress.