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What are some common questions about sex?

In sex therapy most questions come down to two types. The frequency is more often, but not always, brought up by men. The other type is the quality of sex.

More often than not, and again not always, women emphasize the need and desire to feel emotionally connected to their partner. Men tend to agree with this statement, in principle. In practice, it seems that women want more overall connection that is expressed both verbally and through non-sexual touch.

Men often say that they want their wives and girlfriends to really want them sexually. They want that desire to be maintained throughout the years of the relationship. Men want their wives to initiate themselves rather than waiting for the man to initiate all the time.

Sex Therapy for Couples and Individuals

Everyone wants quality sex. Not just more sex but better sex. Men usually want to know how to have more sex, simply because they typically have high libido. Women tend to focus on how to have better sex, because reaching an orgasm is longer and harder for women, on average. There are individual variations, of course. At the end of the day, everyone wants quality sex.

Having reliable facts about sex is key to developing a healthy sex life. However, sometimes it is not enough to have the sex facts alone. Sometimes sex counselling or sex therapy is necessary to address what is really happening in the relationship that may be affecting what is happening in the bedroom.

Whether you are having problems with erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED, or find it that your partner is not responding to your sexual invitations, we provide professional and confidential sex therapy and sex education for couples and individuals. Our areas of specialization are sexual performance, sexual desire for both men and women, and sex and pornography addiction.

The common issues include:

  • Difficulty getting and maintaining an erection – ED

  • Ejaculation control

  • Reaching an orgasm for women

  • Sexual desire and arousal for men

  • Sexual desire and arousal for women

  • Past sexual abuse

  • Sex addiction and porn addiction

  • Sexual communication

Do not wait for your sex life to improve by itself. You can do something today to start enjoying a healthy sex life. 

Common Questions

Obviously, this is a complex question. The answer probably lies in a combination of factors that has to do with the quality of your relationship, your partner’s natural sexual desire, your routine as a couple or a family, as well as various stressors in your life.

We help couples and individuals examine all possible factors that could be affecting their intimacy in a non-judgmental and safe environment. The answer will be unique to your particular situation.

In terms of performance, women usually experience difficulties getting aroused and reaching an orgasm. Men usually bring up difficulties getting or maintaining an erection as well as ejaculation control.

Your doctor can advise you on the physiological issues that may contribute to your sexual performance. We can provide you with a comprehensive psychological assessment and treatment of your performance during intimacy.

It is an unfortunate reality that a significant percentage of people, mostly women, have at least one experience of sexual abuse or another form of sexual violence against them. Due to multiple and complex factors that sexual violence is often compartmentalized and not processed emotionally and psychologically. In addition to causing personal distress, this unprocessed experience may contribute to a reduced satisfaction in your intimate relationship. We provide a safe environment where you process that traumatic experience either with your partner or alone. You deserve to feel good about yourself and your partner.

This is a complex question with no easy answer. Sometimes, due to natural differences in libido, men turn to pornography to satisfy their higher sex drive. Some women are okay with that. Other women, for various legitimate reasons, consider it inappropriate. It is important, though, to distinguish a very high sex drive or presence of pornography from a sexual or porn addiction. For something to be classified as addictive it really needs to consume the person and interfere with their life. There are other variables as well. Most men, and by far most women, do not have a sexual or porn addiction. The absence of an addiction though doesn’t mean that there is no sexual issue. A proper assessment is necessary to make that distinction.

  • Pornography addiction is usually restricted to the pornography itself
  • Sex addiction usually involves engaging in live chats, email, phone or in-person sexual interaction outside of the relationship
  • Pornography addiction may or may not lead to the development of sex addiction
  • Both pornography addiction and sex addiction may lead to a skewed view on what a healthy sex life is
  • Self-diagnosis of either pornography addiction or sex addiction may or may not be accurate

Our approach is practical and sensitive at the same time. We will provide you with practical solutions to the above mentioned issues while staying sensitive to your current situation.

During sex therapy we complete a comprehensive sexual assessment and provide you with specific exercises designed to improve both intimacy and performance. Our practical exercises for ED, ejaculation control, and issues with orgasm provide specific step by step instructions for you to achieve a satisfying sex life.

We are located in a very private and confidential setting in the City of Vaughan of the Greater Toronto Area. Yes, we are expensive, but your relationship and your sex life are priceless. Do not wait for the sexual issue to go away on its own. Contact us for a professional consultation.

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We assess your relationship at the beginning and at the end of the process in order to have a treatment plan and see real progress.